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Mobile IV Ketamine Infusions

Administered in our clinic

It is estimated that around 300 million people worldwide have major depressive disorder and about one-third have treatment-resistant depression…

As an integrative psychiatry clinic, we know there are many factors that lead to depression.

Inflammation plays a large role in depression whether it comes from trauma, gut dysbiosis, food allergies, nutritional deficiencies, toxic exposures, adrenal insufficiency, negative thinking, spiritual disconnection, and the list goes on.

Ketamine has shown to be highly effective for suicidal ideation and when combined with an integrative psychiatry approach, can help you reach remission of symptoms. We want to help you achieve a high quality of life!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Ketamine, historically, has been used in the OR as a rapid acting agent for sedation. However, compelling
evidence has shown efficacy for treatment resistant mental health disorders. Ketamine helps restore
brain pathways that are disrupted due to chronic stress and depression. We utilize very small doses of
Ketamine over a series of infusions.
We offer Ketamine per IV infusion. A very small needle is inserted into your vein and the medication is
administered over 40 minutes while you are relaxed in a soft recliner.
We offer different package options for Ketamine infusions. Please contact our office for specific
At this time, we do not offer Spravato. However, we are in the process of credentialing in order to offer in
the future. Please keep checking back with us.

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